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St. Peters cataract surgery

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There is no reason that you should suffer with cloudy or blurry vision when there is a way to remove them from your daily life. Here at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis, we also address the treatment of cataracts with expert care. Surgery can restore your vision to a level that you may have given up on ever recovering.

St. Peters cataract surgery 

Cataracts typically form and even progress through early stages without much in the way of symptoms. They are protein deposits, and they grow on the outside of your eyes’ natural lenses, hindering your vision. Over time, they become larger and the quantity of deposits increase. As a result, further challenges are created to your ability to see your best. Our St. Peters cataract surgery presents a way to say goodbye to the special eyeglasses or contact lenses that are designed to improve your vision in spite of the condition. The deposits cannot be removed from your lenses, so the lenses have to come out. This means that the obstacles to your vision are no longer a problem, but you need something to replace the job your lenses do in focusing. The answer is lens implants. Depending on various factors, including your vision needs and what your insurance is willing to cover, there are more than one type. In some instances, you may need to wear eyeglasses for better vision up close, while in others you will be completely freed from prescription eyewear due to our St. Peters cataract surgery. You will regain your independence and be able to things you weren’t able to before. The world will look brand new to you.

If you think that you might be a good candidate for our St. Peters cataract surgery, why not reach out to our office and book an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination right now?