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Cataract correction in St. Louis

St. Louis eye doctor
St. Louis eye doctor

Being able to see clearly on a regular basis is important, and there are plenty things you can do in order to look after your eye health and your vision. Anyone can develop a vision impairment problem, just as anyone can develop an eye disease. This is why annual eye exams are highly recommend for everyone, regardless of age or any other symptoms that they may or may not be experiencing. When it comes to seeing your eye doctor for emergency reasons, it is always important that you have instances of blurry vision followed up on. In most cases, you might just need prescription lenses, but in other cases you may actually be developing cataracts. When it comes to cataract correction, our St. Louis eye doctor here at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis can help provide you with what you need.

Blurry vision can certainly be detrimental to your everyday life, making it difficult for you to see things around you, regardless of how far or close they happen to be. For the most part, the symptoms of cataracts often resemble those related to nearsightedness. That is to say that early cataracts often start out with increasing nearsightedness, which will mean that things in the distance are difficult to see and may become blurrier and blurrier over time. In the earlier stages, cataracts cannot be treated upon, so generally they are treated in much the same way that nearsightedness is treated, with the use of increasingly stronger prescription lenses. It is so important that any instances of cataracts are monitored on a regular basis, with annual exams or even more frequent visits with your eye doctor. Cataracts develop when the lens of the eye begins to thicken over time, so as the lens grows thicker and thicker it becomes more difficult to see through. Eventually however, Cataracs will be near impossible to see with, which is what makes it different from nearsightedness or other types of vision impairment problems. Advance cataracts may make it appear as if you are trying to look through a fogged window or a clouded glass. Here at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis our St. Louis eye doctor can help to monitor your condition and provide you with the treatment necessary depending on the stage your cataracts happen to be in. As cataracts grow worse, you may end up requiring surgery where your old thickened lenses are removed and you will be given artificial lens is that will be able to provide you with clear and crisp vision once more.

People with diabetes, a family medical history of cataracts, people who have suffered from significant damage to their eyes in the past, as most people who are over the age of 60 or 65 are generally at a greater risk of developing cataracts, though children and teenagers, as well as you adults, are known to develop cataracts in developing countries where certain vitamins and nutrients are not readily available. With the help of our St. Louis eye doctor here at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis you can catch cataracts early on, get the treatment that you need, and resolve the issue when necessary.

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