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Cataract Treatment in St. Louis

St. Louis Cataract Surgeon
St. Louis Cataract Surgeon

There have been many advances in cataract surgery. Our St. Louis cataract surgeon, at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis will be happy to tell you about some of the latest advances in cataract surgery: multi-focal and accommodating lenses for cataract surgery patients. This lenses are a relatively new development for cataract patients. Dr. Paul Tesser is a highly skilled and experienced ophthalmologist, who is committed to providing the highest level of care for residents of the Chesterfield, Greater St. Louis and Bi-State areas of Missouri and Illinois. The practice exclusively deals with glaucoma and complex cataract care.

Dr. Tesser, our St. Louis cataract surgeon, at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis, explains that a cataract is the name given to a condition when an eye lens is visually impaired with some level of opacity. This can occur in one or both eyes. Luckily, nowadays cataract surgery can effectively and painlessly fix this problem. During cataract surgery an intraocular lens is inserted into the patient’s eye. This lens replaces the old natural lens which is removed from the patient’s through the process of laser surgery. Lately there has been the development of several types of lenses for use in laser surgery. Monofocal intraocular lenses have one point of focus. The patient can choose this point of focus to be either close up or far away. The patient will then use glasses or contact lenses to allow sight in a complete range of distances.

Multifocal intraocular lenses are a more recent development that avoid the need for patient’s to wear glasses after surgery. These new multifocal lenses provide the patient with two or more points of focus. Many patients no longer have a need for corrective glasses after cataract surgery. Multifocal lenses can have drawbacks for some people though. Patients sometimes see halos around lights and experience reduced vision of colors. You can be sure when you are in need of a highly-qualified cataract surgeon, you will do well to meet with Dr. Tesser at the Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis. He will be able to evaluate your individual condition, and tell you about all the lens options available to you when you have cataract surgery. The current options are exciting and our St. Louis cataract surgeon, will help you decide which will work best in your individual situation.

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