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Ophthalmologist in St. Charles

St. Charles Ophthalmology Office
St. Charles Ophthalmology Office

Here at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis, you can depend on expert, medical care for not only glaucoma, but also cataracts. And what makes our practice unique is that even as specialists, we’re still pleased to provide routine comprehensive eye exams for vision screenings and testing for the most common eye diseases. Add to that the benefits of the most recent technological innovations and our total commitment to personalized attention, and you will understand why we our valued patients like you continue to choose our us for their eye care needs.

Unfortunately, both glaucoma and cataracts are eye conditions that can happen regardless of age, heredity, or medical history. And neither is associated with any symptoms during their early stages. Yet another thing they share is that they are both progressive, getting worse over time unless they are treated. Our St. Charles ophthalmology office prioritizes screenings so that diagnosis can be made early enough to promote the best possible results. Neither disease can be cured, but they can both be managed well enough to keep your eyes safe and for you to maintain at least adequate vision. Glaucoma can be treated with special eye drops early on, which reduce tear production. Since the cause of the disease is that more tears are created than are being drained, the eye drops tend to reduce the imbalance and therefore the pressure inside your eyes. Surgery is available from our St. Charles ophthalmology office if that method is not sufficient to get the desired results. And with cataract surgery, you can get brand new prosthetic lenses to replace your natural ones and restore a high degree of vision.

To schedule a yearly comprehensive eye exam, be screened for glaucoma or cataracts, or to get treatment for already diagnosed eye disease, reach out to our St. Charles ophthalmology office now to arrange an appointment.

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