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Eye Treatment in Chesterfield MO

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Glaucoma treatment in Chesterfield MO

Eye treatment in Chesterfield MO
Eye treatment in Chesterfield MO

When your eyes produce more fluid than they can effectively drain, it leads to a buildup of pressure that is known as glaucoma. Unless it is detected in a timely manner and you get our eye treatment in Chesterfield MO, you could be prone to consequences that include vision loss, damage to your optic nerves, and even blindness. As with many common eye diseases, you cannot depend on the appearance of symptoms to alert you. It’s one reason why we at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis highly recommend a yearly screening for everyone.

Glaucoma can affect you at any age, no matter your heredity, medical history, gender, or ethnic background. As specialists, you can rely on us to use the most advanced equipment for our both diagnosis and our eye treatment in Chesterfield MO. Under normal circumstances, your eyes create fluid, circulate it, and then drain it. Only when that process is impeded are there problems. An eye injury, inflammation, or infection can hasten the development of glaucoma, but regardless of why, what is most important is doing something about it. One eye may suffer from it worse than the other, but it usually is present in both eyes. If you notice indications such as red eyes, halos that surround light in your field of vision, tunnel vision, eye pain, and any degree of vision loss, you should not hesitate to come in to be examined by our eye doctor. Even nausea or vomiting can be signs of glaucoma, especially when combined with one or more other symptoms. Our eye treatment in Chesterfield MO prioritizes the correction of the fluid imbalance. This can be done with eye drops to reduce fluid production, laser treatments to increase fluid drainage efficiency, or microsurgery to create a new drainage channel.

In order to stay out ahead of the possible effects of glaucoma, it is a good idea to have an eye exam annually. Call our office to schedule one right now.

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