Eye doctor in Chesterfield

Eye Doctor in Chesterfield

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There are certain eye conditions that can interfere with everyday tasks; a cataract is one of them. Cataracts cause the natural lens of the eye to become cloudy; resulting in vision problems. If you are experiencing vision problems and it seems as if you’re looking through a foggy windshield, you should be evaluated by an eye doctor in Chesterfield for cataracts.

If your cataracts are not interfering with everyday activities, your eye doctor will most likely initially try a new eyeglass prescription, temporarily, to help you see better. You’ll have to see your eye doctor as he often as he instructs you to so he can monitor your condition. If you’re having symptoms that are interfering with your normal everyday activities, such as reading and driving, surgery will most likely be recommended. Your eye doctor will refer you to a professional eye surgeon for a consultation to discuss surgical treatment. The only way to remove cataracts is by getting cataract surgery. A professional and experienced eye surgeon like ours at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis will perform the cataract surgery. During the cataract surgical procedure, the eye surgeon will remove the eye’s cloudy natural lens and will replace it with an artificial lens that’s called an intraocular lens (IOL). Once the lens is placed, it doesn’t require any type of special care because it has become a permanent part of the natural eye. You will need to see your eye surgeon and/or your eye doctor in Chesterfield for several follow up appointments after surgery. This is done so they can monitor your progress. Your first post-surgery visit would be about one to two days following surgery. Your eye doctors will prescribe eye drops or other medication for you to use in order to prevent infection. You will also have to wear a patch over the eye. You’ll see your eye doctor again a week after surgery and your last appointment will be a month later.

To learn more about cataract surgery, contact our office today. We’ll schedule your consultation appointment with our professional eye doctor in Chesterfield.

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