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Eye Doctor in Chesterfield

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Cataracts in Chesterfield

Eye Doctor in Chesterfield
Eye Doctor in Chesterfield

Here at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis, we do more than the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Our eye doctor in Chesterfield also addresses cataracts, which is an eye disease that is marked by a protein buildup on the lenses of your eyes. The results are typically cloudy and blurry vision, but we can handle that, both in the short term and in the long term.

When cataracts first develop, you may not be aware that you have it at all. There are often no symptoms in the early stages of it. However, eventually you will begin to experience compromised vision. It should not, however, be that serious. Our eye doctor in Chesterfield will prescribe either glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision. And for most people, this will be sufficient for quite a while. You will most likely require updates to your prescription over time, but what is certain is that you will be able to live you life in the manner you wish to, without too much difficulties regarding your vision. However, there will often come a time when glasses or contacts are no longer able to keep up with the impact of cataracts. That’s when our eye doctor in Chesterfield will suggest surgery. The cataracts cannot be removed from your eye lenses, so instead the lenses themselves are removed. This gives you back your clear vision, without the cloudiness. However, it is your eye lenses that allow you to focus. Prosthetic eye lenses can be put in to replace your natural ones, during the same procedure. And because of advancements in ophthalmology, these intraocular lens implants, or IOLs, are not multifocal, affording you optimal vision at all distances.

Eye diseases do not need to cause longterm negative effects on your vision. Book an appointment with our eye doctor by calling our office right now.

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