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Glaucoma Treatment  Chesterfield

GChesterfield vision care laucoma is an eye disease in which excessive pressure inside your eye can cause damage, sometimes severe, to your optic nerves. It’s a treatable and manageable condition, however, and at Glaucoma Consultants of St. Louis, you can feel confident in knowing that our Chesterfield vision care is being administered by a specialist who understands glaucoma and its implications with a degree of expertise that a general eye doctor does not have. Left unaddressed, glaucoma can eventually lead to vision loss or even blindness. But with timely attention, you won’t have to worry about such outcomes.

The reason for increased internal eye pressure is an imbalance between the amount of fluid your eyes produce and the amount that is drained. Normally, the fluid circulates and drains without issue, but when drainage is hindered or slowed, fluid builds up and it shows up in your eye pressure. This is typically how glaucoma develops. Eye injuries, infections, or inflammations may cause glaucoma also, but this is less common. Usually, glaucoma will form in both eyes, but it may affect one eye to a greater degree than the other. Symptoms generally don’t appear in the early stages, which is why you should have a yearly eye exam. If any indications of glaucoma are detected, you should seek out our Chesterfield vision care.

Signs will become noticeable as the disease advances and may include loss of vision, redness in your eyes, seeing halos surrounding light, eye pain, tunnel vision, and even nausea and vomiting (particularly in conjunction with one or more other symptoms). And because glaucoma can affect anyone at any age, you should also be aware that haziness in the eyes can be an indicator of glaucoma in infants. If you or your child experience any of the listed symptoms, you should call us and schedule an appointment for our Chesterfield vision care.

Glaucoma treatment can vary from topical eye drops that you can do yourself to laser surgery or general surgery. The correct choice sis something that will be discussed between our eye doctor and you and will depend on various factors, including how severe your symptoms are.

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